After nearly 30 years: Beuys Video Wall (Beuys Hat) is displayed at
the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart for the first time since 28 years!
The Paik work from 1990 was only shown for two years till its' dissassembly.
All of the 60 CRTs were overhauled in our workshop in Leverkusen.

Years of storage do not imply preservation for the electronics.
Even when not in use, high voltage transformers and capacitors age, components turn defect and the picture tube takes high risk when turned on.
28 years later an intense restoration of electronic board and picture tube were necessary.
The long time of no usage corrupted the vacuum inside the CRT, which leads to trouble shooting the electron beams to the phosphor dots.
In addition many tubes can be in need of new system guns.

Beuys Hat is build out of Samsung TVs of the model TC9802S und TC9803.
These devices were made for the US market.
"Bread and butter" TVs, which no collector or CRT fan has interest in.
So are these consumer devices, even forgotten in the internet, true rarities of the 1980s.

The TVs were transported and renewed in tranches.
After restoration, each TV underwent a climatic and high performance test.
This artwork was built in Paiks' atelier in the USA and needs the american power supply.
With the reassembly the work is now powered by seven new isolation transformers with 110V output and can feel back at home in the Staatgalerie.

The hat-shaped sculpture, made out of steel frame and grey felt, is installed in the last room of the recent Joseph Beuys exhibition.
44 Samsung TVs show sequences out of Joseph Beuys' concert "Coyote III" with Nam June Paik in the Sogetsu Hall in Toyko. Performed on 06.02.1984.
It was the last live performance of the two deeply befriended artist.
There are Paik-typical, fast paced, rythmic form and color changes mixed in the four video channels, which rather remind of music.

16 leftover TVs were stored away for spare.