In the name of Colorvac, Jochen Saueracker traveled to Seoul and
the biggest video art installation in the world -
The More The Better / Dadaikseon.

Nam June Paiks' gigantic tower of TVs is in need of restoration.
Saueracker came to share our thoughts on the future of this significant artwork.

The TVs "lay" and stand on a complex framework.
Dadaikseon even has its' own telephone port.

1006 CRT TVs form a tower of 19m height right in the entrance hall of the National Museum for Modern Art Seoul.
Caused by the age and run time of this permanent installation, many TVs are defect.
The National Museum is searching for the appropiate conservation for quite a time.
In a presentation, Saueracker marked the importance of keeping the original technology and the deep roots of Nam June Paiks CRT enthusiasm.

Additionally Jochen Saueracker shared our vision of long-term preservation for the CRT and the world of video art.