Dadaikseon (The More The Better) - is a three floor high video
installation,nconsisting of 1006 CRT TVs.
It is not only the biggest video sculpture in the National Museum Seoul,
but also in the world.

The museums' leading Conservator and her team visited our workshop in Leverkusen to get an idea of our special work in picture tube renewal.
We visited the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf together and examined the recently restored Installation "Fish Flies On Sky" by Nam June Paik.
This led to a good way of explaining the special traits a CRT monitor has and how Paik used them into his work.


Kindly we received a gift from Korea. A publication of the scientific research done for the conservation of this significant work.
Over 40 specialists commented their beliefs for the ideal conservation of this complex installation -Including an article by Jochen Saueracker, assistant of Nam June Paik, who went to Seoul for a presentation in August.