Let us keep the world in good shape!
Due to Corona, the annual Meeting of American Institute for
Conservation was
not held in New York, but in the World Wide Web.

Suitably to the leading theme of the AIC "Conservation: Reactive and Proactive", Jochen Saueracker held a presentation about our concept for conservation of  CRTs in video art.
The first slide saying "From repair to prepare" showed the audience the urgent need for action.
Time and wear is consuming the early works of video art:

Spare parts and service for CRTs are hard to find, leading to original monitors getting changed for flatscreens...
...leading to the artworks spirit getting misunderstood and corrupted.

Saueracker presented Colorvacs work and concept for sustaining the original picture tube monitors and their benefits.
Not only CRTs have a much higher life expectation than flatscreens, they can be renewed a dozen times.
Sourcing spare components for the specific model is an important factor
for future operation.
An implemented method for long-term conservation is the storage and overhaul of the monitors by Colorvac.

By taking action and working in cooperation, video art can be displayed for many decades!