A robot, built out of 20 CRTs, sitting on a motorcycle whichs exhausts
reach to the top of his head.
All limbs of the sculptur display a line-built image.
On the anniversary "25 Years of Falckenberg" it was the eye-catcher.
Built in 1994 - restored by Colorvac in 2020.

Paiks' closest assistant Jochen Saueracker on assembly.






Video Scooter is one of the most significant members of the 500-head robot family of Nam June Paik.
Typical for Paik, the bright colors of the monitors don't shine alone. Even the body of the sculpture is designed in a colorul way.

Technology and art go hand in hand. Dozens of video and power cables go through and around the motorcycle.

After 26 years a overhaul was needed.


Heads and legs are equipped with 18 CRTs of the model
Korea-Television built these 5 inch monitors in the end of the 80s.

Initially built as a portable TV, these are found often in works of Nam June Paik.



The bad availability of parts for this special construct is one of the major challenges.
KTV only built a small series for the US and on the modern market this TV is basically extinct.

Components for high voltage or screen deflection must be rebuilt or even similiar parts have to be sourced and adjusted for change.

For this TV, no spare flyback transformer was to be found.

A new flyback from a similiar device needed to be converted in order to have the same voltage output points.

This kind of work is now mandatory on most of CRT TVs.
From an once world industry, only a selection of models still has a bearable spare part catalogue today.

Only through expert knowledge and forward thinking measures video art still exist in this variety.

Besides the TVs the proper power supply was overhauled.

After successful restoration of the electronics a somewhat factory business of the former Phoenix plant had to be handled.
The tire of the scooter was refilled with air.

Before reassembly the framework was checked and secured.