There are over 500 CRT devices of various types and time in our inventory.
We keep a range of refurbished monitors for museum and art use like Hantarex, Barco and Sony PVM.

Do you have any questions about buying, rental or maintenance?
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Colorvac offers CRT TVs for movie, TV and art.
The sortiment ranges from 1950 to the late 2000s. A portion of our stock is
listed in the Collection.

Our TVs can be silent props or a lively part of the movie. Instead of keying, an authentic image with all
its' flickering and scan lines fill the room.
By using modulators and modifications even a historical TV can play a new filmed scene.

We are happy to help with questions about prop care and technology issues!





As a company that always has their vision in the future, we advise on questions regarding long-term
conservation and video art restoring.
Solving conservatory problems and restoring challenging video art is part of our work.
From servicing to unique production, we made it possible to maintain a variety of video artworks

Colorvacs' goal is the future preservation of video art. For that in a hundred years posterity can admire
an artwork with its' original CRT technology!